4 Advantages of Owning A Foldable Bicycle

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Gone are the days, where customers had to resort to using bulky foldable bicycles that were unbelievably slow and difficult to ride. Since the nightmare of the 90s, foldable bikes have gone on to become lighter, more compact and efficient than their non-folding counterparts. Depending on where you live, foldable bicycles may be a superior option for your lifestyle. Here are some distinctive advantages foldable bicycles have to offer in comparison to their non-folding counterparts.


1) Saves Space

The biggest advantage you stand to gain by using a foldable bicycle over a traditional bike is the fact that it takes up far less space. This makes them ideal for individuals who live in large metro areas that are notorious for providing small studios and apartments. With a foldable bicycle you can bring it home with you and avoid leaving it outside. While you may be able to do this with a traditional bike, the process can be cumbersome and you’ll have to make room to store it, once you lug it into your home.


2) Fewer Chances Of Theft

Since foldable bikes are compact and can be easily carried when going indoors, you don’t have to worry about the possibility that it may get stolen. There are several options on the market that are small enough for you to carry it with you, wherever you go.


3) Intermodal Travel

Many people have to catch a bus or train and walk a lengthy distance to get to work, simply because they don’t own a vehicle and their workplace may not be located within close proximity of a train stop or bus line. When you travel to work, if you have to use public transportation to go a certain distance as to which the rest has to be travelled on foot, a foldable bicycle is exactly what you need to get. With a foldable bike, you can carry it with you when you take the bus or train. Once you get to your stop, you can easily unfold the bicycle and go to your work destination.


4) Improves Health And Saves Money

The expenses associated with buying a foldable bicycle are nothing to baulk at, but if the bicycle is used on a regular basis it can help to improve your health, while saving you money at the same time. Because of the fact that foldable bikes are more practical than their non-folding counterparts, people tend to use them at a higher frequency than traditional bicycle owners. And besides the fact that using a bicycle can help to improve cardiovascular health, you can literally save hundreds of dollars per year, by using it instead of your vehicle or a cab, when it comes to traversing short distances.

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