Capture the Moment: Why A Photo Booth Is the Perfect Option for Your Next Event

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Capture the Moment: Why A Photo Booth Is the Perfect Option for Your Next Event

Photo booths are slowly becoming more and more popular in weddings and birthday parties these days, and it is so easy to see why! This trend is a fun add on to a wedding reception, when a bride and her sweetheart are trying to entertain guests but get their pictures taken care of at the same time. It is a time filler for your child’s eighth birthday party when you are in the kitchen trying to put candles on the cake. Still not convinced? Read on for some reasoning as to why having a DIY Photo booth or Company installed photo booth at your wedding or birthday party is an excellent idea!


An Entertaining Way to Keep Them Happy and Occupied!

There is that awkward time after the wedding ceremony into the reception that could make or break the wedding; depending on whether your guests get bored or not. The great thing about a photo booth is, it is fun for the whole family! Not just the cocktails pleasing the adult guests. When you have fun and creative props (like feather boas, fake mustaches on sticks, funky hates, and big crazy glasses), it will easily attract your guests to have some fun at some point during the reception time.

This is also a wonderful idea for a kid’s party, or anyone’s birthday party for that matter! If there is a special theme for your child’s birthday party or friend’s birthday party, be sure to include props specialized for that specific theme. Kids love getting their picture taken and seeing the instant result, so renting a photo booth that prints is a solid idea, or having parent’s come with their phones is also a smart plan as well. Like stated before, a photo booth is a great way to keep your guests occupied and happy during an event if you need time to do something else as the host!

A Simple Keepsake That Will Last a Lifetime

This does not have to be your only wedding favor, but a photo booth with a special frame that says you and your spouse’s initials on it or has a special theme to it as well, is a memorable option that your guests can do! You want your guests to be able to have photo memories at your wedding, and why make them wait a month until your official photos from the photographer come out? This is instant for them and fun. If you have them take pictures on their phone, like tbe DIY photo booth that is extremely popular, make sure you create a fun hashtag for your wedding so you can look back and see the photos as well!

For a birthday party, especially for kids, this is an easy and simple keepsake that you can create for them! If you rent a photo booth (many run anywhere from five hundred to a thousand dollars for the day), the printable pictures are something they are sure to keep. If you a DIY photo booth, the moms are bound to print photos for the kids! Either way, it is an easy and fun memoir that only a photo can do.


DIY Photo Booths Are Cheap; So Why Not?

While renting a photo booth (e.g. Photo booth hire Sydney) is definitely not the cheapest option, it will almost guarantee a professional turn out. Having said that, creating your own is very cheap and is just as much fun! Online there are plenty of ideas for photo booths, and how to make and buy supplies for your own! So if you are considering a homemade one, you must check it out!