Do you get your money’s worth from streaming services like Netflix and Hulu?

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If you are considering signing up for paid streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or any of the other popular services available at the moment (visit 123movies), you may be wondering if they are worth the money.

Will you get your money’s worth from a monthly subscription to one of these streaming services, or are you going to waste money you can ill afford?

Unlimited viewing — When you consider how expensive a movie ticket is for just one person, and then multiply it by how much it costs for your family, a small monthly fee for unlimited viewing of anything you want to see is very cheap.

In fact, a typical monthly fee for a paid streaming service is not even the cost of one movie ticket, so these streaming services are incredibly affordable.

24-hour-a-day access — A typical paid streaming service allows you access 24 hours a day to anything you want to watch. That means, if you want to watch a new episode of your favorite TV show at 3am you can do.

There is no need to wait for it to be aired, it is always there ready for you to watch.

Binge watching TV shows — If you watch your favorite TV shows on TV, you have to wait for the next episode to air.

With one of the paid streaming services, however, all of the episodes of every season are ready for you to view. You can start watching the first episode of season one, and watch every episode through to the end of the series.

Access to foreign films and shows — Many people love watching streaming services like Netflix and Hulu because they get access to foreign films they would never be able to see otherwise.

As these films are also subtitled in their own language, they are accessible and far easier to watch than they would be trying to find them in a movie theater or on a DVD.

Downloading content — People who travel a lot enjoy the paid streaming services as they can download their favorite shows or movies.

Once on the road, in a plane, in a hotel room or anywhere else, this content can then be watched without even needing to have access to the Internet.

Multiple devices — Most paid streaming services are a very good deal as well as they allow several devices to be hooked up to the service at once.

That means if you want to watch one show and your wife or kids want to watch something else, everyone can watch what they want on their own device. This is all on the same subscription and all for the same monthly fee.

Easy search options and easy storage — These services also make it easy to search for your favorite content, and then easy to store them in your library until you have time to watch them.

This means you never forget about a particular show or movie as it is in your library ready to be watched.

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