How Much Does Using A Radar Hack Improve Your Chances Of Winning In PUBG?

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a multiplayer video game for up to 100 people in which our only goal is to be the last alive. This online experience begins in an airplane that we will jump with the rest of users, without any weapon or protection, so we will have to equip ourselves with what we find.

A few minutes after landing a random circle will appear that will delimit the game area, which will be closed every so often and kill anyone who is left outside. This process of circular closure will be repeated in smaller and smaller areas until only one player, duo or team remains according to the modality.

The jump defines the strategy

The game of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds begins just before the jump from the plane. As soon as it appears, on the aircraft, we can see the direction that will follow until we leave the map and, although we still do not know the location of the game area, we will have to decide by intuition the jump point.

The first thing we must be very clear about is that there is no better zone than another since luck plays a fundamental role in this first stage. However, we can get an idea of what we will find as soon as we land according to the place where we jump. To do this, before making the jump, and especially if we play in the company, we will have to define the quadrant in which we want to land. This is really simple since the map tells us precisely our location and the corresponding quadrant.

Finally, we will have to choose whether to jump outside of the big cities or get directly into the action.

Big cities

Start our adventure with a large population provides the advantage of getting many weapons, materials, and vehicles. However, although this may be a very important initial advantage, we will quickly discover that many other players have thought the same as us. That is why in these big cities we will meet many players, something that greatly increases our chances of dying very fast.

Taking into account these two important factors, it will depend on us to land in a big city and take on the great dangers that this entails.

In the countryside

The other option when looking for a jump zone is to get away from the large urban centers or military bases and fall in the middle of nowhere. This possibility assures us greater tranquility in the first moments of the game, something that will allow us to supply us without much hurry. In the same way, those who seek a calmer gameplay will also find the best option here, since there will be no massive confrontations between players.

This option further from the action also has different variants since, although being out of the cities already presupposes a certain calm, at the time of landing we can choose between small groups of houses, farms or directly the field.

Downhill dive

Once we have decided the approximate zone in which we are going to fall, it will be very important that we are the fastest to reach the ground. That is why it is recommended to point downwards and press the back-to-back key to descend at a higher speed. If we want to look at the other enemies without abandoning this position, we can use the ALT key.

Stay hidden

The hiding is one of the most important points in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, so it will be essential that we go hiding in the houses to go unnoticed. However, in many moments we will be in the open field and we will have to know how to use the environment so as not to attract attention.

Doing and keeping track of all of these essentials becomes much easier with a PUBG radar hack.

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