How to use a private Instagram viewer to view private Insta accounts

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Instagram is a great way to connect with other people and create a social network of sorts. However, many people wish to keep their Instagram profiles private for different reasons.


This article will show you how to view private Insta accounts without following or knowing them. Before we begin, let’s understand what Private insta is. Instagram private profiles are the ones of which are not shown in Instagram’s “following” tab. You can see this profile on your own, or you need to know the link to view the account.


The Internet is a weird place. Sometimes you mind your own business, just scrolling through what other people have posted online, when all of a sudden, you find yourself on an Insta account that’s private. It’s crazy that Instagram allows this to happen, but some things can be done about it. For one thing, you can try using It’s the only website I know of that allows you to view private Insta accounts without following them.


You should use this site to view a friend or classmate’s Instagram account (but don’t be snoopy). The person won’t even know you were on their Insta profile! It’s a good way to see what other people are posting online.


It’s also good to use it if you want to follow someone else who has blocked you from seeing their posts. I have been in this position before, and believe me; it sucks being blocked from following someone that you wanted to follow. But with, you can have a chance to see for yourself whether the account is worth following or not, without having to send a request first and getting rejected.


You can also use this website as a way of saying hello, even if you’re blocked from seeing someone’s Insta posts. Let’s say you have a crush on someone, but they blocked you from following because they think you’re annoying. If you could see their private profile, maybe because of, you can try to make conversation with them over Instagram messenger that the person uses for Insta messages.


Here are some of the simple steps on how to use this Instagram unlocker:


Go to Privateinstaview (


In the search bar, type the username you wish to find and hit enter.


You can now see all the images from that particular account just as you would on Instagram’s website. You can view likes and recent activities too! That’s it! You have successfully found private insta accounts without following them.


With this website, you will never have to worry about missing out on stalk-worthy material from your favorite celebrity or famous person. You can now see their private Insta profile without having to go through the hassle of blocking and unblocking them from following and adding them as a friend and stranger again and again.


So if you’re trying to view a private Instagram account, try out and see what happens! The Internet has come up with some crazy things, but this website is quite useful: and allows you to view private Insta accounts without following them.

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