OnlyFans is a Highly Competitive Business

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OnlyFans has amassed over 75 million users and 1 million creators on a single platform. Over the course of the platform’s existence, it has become one of the largest adult subscription platforms on the internet. It has provided an income to thousands of models looking for an alternative way to generate revenue through their work. The platform offers a very user-friendly approach to content distribution. The content creators keep 80% of their earnings and don’t pay any big fees. The average cost to subscribe to someone for one month is $15 but can change depending on the individual content creator (you can also unlock OnlyFans account through some other platforms).


Why do so few models “make it big” on OnlyFans?


Many OnlyFans Content Creators put in 40+ hours of work managing their accounts every week. These tasks can consist of everything a business needs to operate; from creating content for their subscribers to marketing their accounts to new audiences. The average creator generates $180 every month from their content before expenses such as cameras, props, and bills necessary to upkeep a successful creator account. If this is the content creator’s only source of income, then they come home with an approximate $1.12/hour. The dispersion of wealth throughout the platform’s creators is very skewed. The top 10% of content creators on OnlyFans account for 73% of the money spent on OnlyFans subscriptions. If we examine this number even more closely, we can see that the top 1% of creators are responsible for 33% of the total money spent on OnlyFans subscriptions.


Why do some people make millions from selling their content?


Some content creators generate upwards of $100k/month from their accounts. Many of these people make this amount of money due to a social media following outside of this platform. We can see that many actresses and social media influencers had asked their fans to subscribe to their OnlyFans Creator account when they decided to begin posting content there. This migration of content created a migration of followers. This platform allows fans to even pay to send messages that the content creators will read and can respond to. The people who were famous before moving to this platform tend to have a much larger paycheck that can provide a substantial full-time income since so many users want to see their content and be able to connect with them. Being able to have extra interactions with their audience, some creators can pull in extremely large paychecks. The largest publicly disclosed paycheck was $2,000,000+ for one month and was to Belle Delphine. It is possible to make a living or even millions of dollars on OnlyFans, but it will not be easy for most people.

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