Snapshot! Great Photo Booth Ideas for Your Next Party

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Your next party is going to be extra special with a professional photo booth from Photo booth hire barnsley! Photo booths will fit every party theme. It gives your guests a momento of the party to remember the good time they had. Make sure you have clear acrylic picture frames for all of your guests to put their picture inside. Who doesn’t love a great picture of friends having fun together? Here are some photo booth ideas for your next party.


  1. Go Geeky

Provide character hats of the lead characters to Star Wars. Remember, Darth Vader needs a black cape too. Add in a few light sabers, and you are good to go. When you play the sound track from the movie, it will put all your guests into a fun mood. Your guests will be coming back to the photo booth for another fun picture.


  1. Go Western

Provide lassos, western hankies, cowboy hats, and cap guns for your pictures. Your guests will start using words like “howdy”, and “Yeehaw”. To go over the top, you could provide a real horse to use for the photo booth too. Your photo booth will be the hit of the party.


  1. Go Artsy

Make your photo booth a time to copy famous portraits. Provide a choice of three to five famous paintings and let your guests choose which one they want to take. Give a little description with each to help your guests choose which one they want to act out. Have a few props needed for each painting choice. Make the painting choices varied to add interest. You could provide post cards of the actual paintings to put beside the guest’s photo for comparison.


  1. Go Glamour

Provide a makeup artist and hair stylist with your photo booth. Your guests will get all dolled up for their high fashion photo. This is a unexpected and rare opportunity for them to be pampered. Add a black velvet drape to their shoulders to create a great classic head shot. You will need a stool for your subjects to sit on for the photo booth too.


  1. Go Funny

Provide your guests with funny props to take their picture. You could have a large frilly bonnet and rattle for them to be a big baby. You could have clown accessories with the classic rainbow wig and red nose. You could even have a tutu and tiara for them to be a ballerina. Watching each other dress up and take funny photos will be great entertainment. Your guests will be laughing hysterically all night at each other.


You will have a blast with your professional photo booth at your party. It will surely be a hit of the night. Watching each other get photographed will be entertaining. Your guests will be wondering what you will do next time, and will look forward to the next time you throw another party. So, which photo booth idea will you choose?

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