What are the best music streaming services?

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By now, many people have moved past CDs to online music streaming services and free music download sites. Online music streaming services allow users to access a wide range of music at often at incredible prices for the diversity of music that you gain access to. Finding the right online music streaming service can be a real challenge. Here are several considerations that you should have when choosing a service.

Random Songs and Stations

Some streaming music services don’t allow you to choose a specific song that you want to play and instead allow you to choose a brand or station. When you input a song or artist these online music stations will find songs that are similar in nature. The beauty of these streaming music services are that they expose listeners to new forms of music that they might not have been exposed to before. Examples of music streaming services such as this one are Pandora and Spotify and are offered in free or pay options (for those who want commercial free options).

Free Music Streaming Services

Other streaming services allow you to select specific options that you can listen to songs that you specifically want to listen to. You simply will enter a song that you want to listen to and these online music streaming services will play the song that you want to. While these free online music streaming services do not have every song that you may want to listen to available, they offer a wide range of songs that you can enjoy. Examples of free music services that you might enjoy are Amazon Music and Apple Music.

Pay Music Streaming Services

There are also pay music streaming services that offer the same benefits that free music streaming services do, but with a much wider selection of songs that are available without the hassle of commercials or other interruptions. On the best pay music streaming services, songs are available on a variety of your different music devices and without the interruptions of commercials. One of the newest entries to these online streaming pay services is also the best. Amazon Music Unlimited which offers a big variety of services.

Choosing Between Different Online Music Streaming Services

As noted above, there are many different online music streaming services that you can choose between. Finding the right one involves understanding the features that appeal to you. For some, the primary need is a music service with a wide range of different songs to choose between, particularly for those that like music that is somewhat under the radar. For this option, Amazon Music Unlimited has the widest library of songs available. If you like a variety of different stations to stream with interesting combinations, than Pandora is one of the best music streaming options for listeners. While you cannot select your own songs to listen to, Pandora is great for those who like radio like music streaming services to listen to. For online radio stations that don’t allow you to select the exact artist or song, I Heart Radio’s Streaming service provides a radio like option with original programming that can be unique. Start by understanding how you how you like to listen to music and then see if you are willing to pay for the streaming service in order to eliminate commercials and expand the variety.

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