World Cup 2022 Predictions

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August 4, 2021
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August 25, 2021

World Cup 2022 Predictions

With a little over a year to go the World Cup 2022 to be held from Monday, November 21, 2022 to Sunday, December 18, 2022 in Qatar is already buzzing with anticipation and excitement. You can watch the coverage at 축구중계.

The usual suspects Brazil, Germany, Argentina, France and Spain are considered de facto challengers and ones to beat. France the reigning champions have one of the best squads in football, with many of the 2018 veterans like Kylian Mbappe, Antonine Griezmann and Paul Pogba coming back to the squad joined by new players eager to defend their title. France is considered a 7/1 favorite to take the 2022 cup and followed by Brazil at 11/2.

As the five time world champions Brazil will be playing to put an end to a twenty year hold for another glorious win and reinstate their place as the true champions. So far, they’ve managed to win the Copa America Cup without their star player Neymar, which has allowed them to restructure their squad into a new formation that will work as a team with strong players and not one star player for the World Cup. Brazil’s strong team of veteran players like Philippe Coutinho, Alisson, and Richarlison anchored by new players like Gabriel Martinelli and Vinicuius Jr, creates a strong team ready to make a play for the title.

Germany and Spain are also contenders for the World Cup with 8/1 odds. Even though Germany faced a humiliating defeat in the last World Cup, being eliminated at the bottom in Group Stage, it is well understood that a team of with that history will expect to showcase its talent and once again rise to the top. Spain, struggled through the Group Stage, being eliminated in the last 16 after disorganization of the team and a lack of preparedness. In order to win, Spain must come prepared and we will expect to see a squad of new faces.


Argentina will give Lionel Messi a last chance to secure the World Cup title, with a strong squad adding to the competition. Belgium is another outside contender for the title, predicted by the third place finish in 2018. England lost to Belgium in 2018 but are driven by optimism to win with very capable seasoned players. Another outsider favorite are the Netherlands who have seen a rise in world class players entering the 2022 season. Portugal and Italy have 16/1 and 20/1 odds respectively which are long shorts even though they’ve won European titles.

Underdogs worth considering are Croatia, U.S. National team, Mexico and Uruguay whose football continues to grow, impress and challenge the old guard for titles. So, who knows, an underdog might take the World Cup in 2022.